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Dear Friend is a project that was inspired to me by Cristina (Cartoline da Cristina) with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating in December 2022.

Postcards are one of the nicest gifts we ship to our loved ones and friends when we travel, and in a small space such is the back of a postcard we often end up saying much more than we thinkPostcards bring people together, they shorten long distances, and they are the perfect way of saying "I thought about you even if you were not in this place". 

So here is my project - I make watercolor postcards and I ship them to whoever wants them for $12 (shipping is free). The subject of your postcard will be something typical of the place I am currently in when a postcard is ordered (i.e., local wildlife, local wildflower, or landscape). What you receive is not only a postcard made with passion and care, but it is also the experience of receiving a message that has traveled a long distance to be delivered to your house! In fact, on the back of the postcard, you may find a personal message, a short poem, or a dream I wanted to share with you. 

Please, read the following policy before ordering a postcard:

Be aware that I am not responsible for possible bent corners, ruined pictures, and lost postcards. My postcards are made on high-quality paper, but in the process of being delivered to you something can always go wrong. For this reason, I am providing you with a digital file of your postcard through e-mail, once the order is placed and paid.

I DO NOT accept refunds/returns.

The payment can only be completed through Etsy, where you will be able to purchase your postcard! 


To order a postcard, fill out the following form. All you need is to write your name and your e-mail. You will have to choose the category of the subject.


I will get back to you as soon as possible - it is important for me to let you know whether I am currently in the USA or Italy, as this will affect the subject of the postcard and, most importantly, the time of delivery. 

Order a postcard!

Be mindful of the refund and return policy mentioned in this page.


Payments will have be to be completed on Etsy once the order is confirmed by both parties.


Thanks for ordering a postcard! I will contact you soon!

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