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Alaska '24

Hi! I'm glad you happen to be on this page! This is my artistic journey of funding my dream trip to Alaska through my passion for painting landscapes. I am excited to share this project with you and I invite you to be a part of it!


Since I was 14 years old, I have wanted to visit and experience the last frontier, and I am trying to do it in the summer of 2024. If once I was dreaming about being an explorer in the northern US, pulled by sled dogs, now I long for exploring it as a hiker and, most importantly, as a painter. Indeed, by selling my art, I hope to be able to hit the road and reach the far north by the beginning of July 2024.

The art I offer is landscape paintings of the places I have visited in the past few years, which include the eastern Sierra, Joshua Tree National Park, some stunning nearby locations, and more. Made with gouache on 100% cotton paper, I can ship these works worldwide. If you buy one of them, not only you are helping me reach the glorious North, and realize my biggest dream ever, but you are also receiving a unique piece of art that comes with a pen-written personal story in the back.  



Look at the map below, and you will see just a few of the many places that are part of this exciting project!

Not all places I plan on painting are actually pinned on the map, but if you come back to it later, you will likely find more of them, as I love exploring the western United States whenever I have a chance. 

What is available?

Eastern Sierra

Joshua tree National park

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