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Goal: What I aim to do with this project is to raise funds for my trip to Alaska, ideally occurring in the summer of 2024. Visiting that corner of the US has been my biggest dream since I was 14, primarily because I was inspired by Jack London's books and his descriptions of breathtaking landscapes, glorious mountains, and precious wildlife, but also because of the movie 'Into The Wild' (2007), which inspired me in many ways throughout my life. I remember laying down on my bed, thinking how I could reach Alaska all the way from Italy, and wondering if that dream could ever be possible to achieve. So, by sharing my art and selling a series of original paintings, my hope is that I can generate the necessary funds to experience Alaska and immerse myself in its magnificent beauty.

Inspiration: The idea of this project was actually inspired to me by Cristina (Cartoline da Cristina), with whom I created a few postcards of California in December 2022, as well as AnnMarie Young, a talented artist from Texas who is now residing in Alaska and living off of her art. From them, I got the idea of creating paintings that serve as windows open onto beautiful natural sceneries that I had the privilege to see with my own eyes. Being both an artist and a traveler, in fact, allows me to see stunning landscapes that I share through colors on paper, and to recreate their unique atmosphere and spirit with my skills. 

Artistic Process: I create my artwork using gouache on 100% cotton paper, carefully layering vibrant colors to capture the complexities of the land. Each painting is skillfully made, and depending on the size it can take me up to four hours to complete. Through these works, not only I long to convey the visual beauty of each place I visited, but also the emotions and memories connected to it. For this reason, behind each piece, you will find a hand-written personal story of my travels. 


How You Can Support: By purchasing one of my paintings, you become an integral part of this artistic journey. Your support not only allows me to fulfill my longtime dream of visiting Alaska but also ensures that I can continue pursuing my passion for painting while I am still in college. Additionally, you will own a unique piece of art that embodies the essence of a particular place and carries the spirit of exploration. As for the prices, 5x7 inches paintings are sold for $30, while 7x10 inches paintings are sold for $60, and I can ship them worldwide. For more details, please check out my Etsy shop or reach out to me at 

Follow Along: Join me on this exciting adventure by tracking my progress and staying connected through my social medias. I will regularly update the page with new paintings, progress updates, and insights into my creative process.


Thank you for being a part of this project and supporting my artistic aspirations. Together, we can turn my passion for art and travel into a reality!

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