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I am originally from Italy, where I grew up among plants and animals, nurtured by adventurous books and movies. At the University of Parma, I studied Philosophy, which fostered in me a greater appreciation for the world through keen observation and inquiry. Later, my curiosity and quest for answers translated into art, with the exploration of colors and techniques being the conduit through which I nurture a wider sensibility for the wilderness.

Moving to the United States in 2021 enhanced my interest and passion for the natural world, leading me to establish myself as a nature and wildlife artist. Currently, I am studying in San Diego with the goal of obtaining a BFA in Painting. The United States has therefore been a fertile place to explore my interests, refine my skills, and discover new ways of making art.

When I am not creating art in my apartment, I enjoy spending time reading books, writing, birdwatching, and hiking. One of my favorite outdoor activities is making watercolor sketches of the natural places I visit.

Further inspired by great books and stories, art comes to me in many forms—whether a painting, a poem, or a photograph. My adventure as an artist and curious observer of nature is meant to continue and evolve. Thus, I invite you to check out my portfolio and my Instagram gallery to keep up with my new projects and works. For any inquiries, please refer to the contact page.

Nala and I in La Jolla.jpg

Me and my lovely Jack Russell, Nala, a few days after moving together to the United States (2021) 

May 30th 2023.jpg

Painting in the eastern Sierra (2023)



OKAA 2023 (August 23 - September 2nd) in Whittier, California

Surfing Madonna Third Annual "Save the Ocean" (October 13 - November 2, 2023) in Escondido, California



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