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I come from Italy where I grew up among plants and animals, great books and wonderful movies. Each of these things led me to live my life in a way that eventually inspired me to make the decision to move to the United States, where I have lived since May 2021. 

In San Diego, California I am currently enrolled in college where I am majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in Environmental Studies.

As an artist, I continuously use and refine my skills to deepen my connection with nature and its wonderful elements. Most importantly, I create art for people, which is something that makes me truly happy. When I'm not creating art in my tiny apartment, you might find me gazing at the soothing hues of the Pacific Ocean, observing the diverse and precious array of birds in a lagoon, or hiking through the vibrant canyons of San Diego, brimming with life, all while attempting to capture the beauty of the wilderness in my mind.

Thank you for visiting my website!

For inquiries, e-mail me at - if you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and if you want to support my activities and dreams, you may consider purchasing one of my works. In this case, I will be happy to answer all your questions on how to do it.

Nala and I in La Jolla.jpg

me and my lovely Jack Russell, Nala, a few days after moving together to the United States (2021) 

May 30th 2023.jpg

painting in the eastern Sierra (2023)





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